Our Teas

Here at Perch&Co we offer a unique range of speciality teas. We currently source our tea from two established companies, the Canton Tea Co. and Jeeves & Jericho. 

We have found they offer the best speciality teas; with a range that everyone will find exciting. Whether you enjoy the Traditional English Breakfast Tea or a more adventurous blend of flavours, we have something for you.

Canton Tea Co uses wild handcrafted tea leaves and ingredients provided by traditional producers. We feel passionate about supporting authentic producers, using a high standard of ingredients and offering you a world class product, we are confident the Canton Tea Co supports these values.

Jeeves and Jericho are an Oxford based tea company which takes a fun and contemporary approach to tea making, whilst still maintaining an essence of the traditional. We are proud to use Jeeves and Jericho due to their ethical values. As we are a company that supports and uses local produce, we are happy that Jeeves and Jericho sources their products from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, ensuring a fair deal. 

For more information regarding our sources, do not hesitate to visit their websites.
www.cantonteaco.com & www.jeevesandjericho.com

Black Teas,

The Traditional English Breakfast:
Canton uses two blends of tea leaf, the Assam originating from Kenya and the Yunnan Dian Hong from China. This blend creates a fresh, bright and smooth element to the tea, making it perfect as a morning refresher, or a beverage to finish off your day.

The Classic Earl Grey:
Canton’s Earl Grey uses the same Yunnan black tea that is used in their English Breakfast blend, so already it has a bright note to it. However, to create the iconic Earl Grey flavour, high grade bergamot oil from Italy is added, and finished with the addition of blue cornflowers. This Earl Grey is memorable and classic, perfect as an easy alternative to your traditional tea of choice.

The Girlie Grey:
Jeeves and Jericho’s classic Earl Grey with a spectacular twist. Comprised of black Assam tea, rose buds and whole lemon pieces, this naturally caffeinated drink is both sweet, fragrant and zesty. This is most definitely one of the more popular choices in house.

Spiced Masala Chai:
Chai Tea quite literally means ‘spiced tea’. This national drink of India is a beautiful blend of black tea and spices. This tea is both flavourful and warming perfect for those cold days expected from British weather. However, its complexity makes it a suitable drink of choice, whatever the climate. 

Herbal Teas,

Organic Wild Rooibos:
The South African tea of choice has been greatly received beyond the South African border. The wild and rare leaf produced in Wupperthal, Cedeberg Province, it is naturally caffeine free and full of antioxidants. Thus, it is often the tea of choice for those wishing to restrict their caffeine intake. It holds a very particular nutty sweetness that is unlike the teas found elsewhere. Try, and enjoy this very special tea. 

Organic Canton Karma:
Imagine the complex flavour of a Chai Tea without the black tea leaf, and you will experience the rich taste of our Karma tea. It provides a sweet, spiced and robust flavour through the use of ginger, cardamom, fennel seed and vanilla. These flavours are inspired by Ayurvedic medicine which is aimed to promote a calming sensation. It is also naturally caffeine free and is recommended as the perfect after eating treat. 

Organic Lemongrass and Ginger:
This wonderfully simple blend includes only Egyptian lemongrass, organic ginger and liquorice root. Subtle with its spice, and refreshing with its citrus quality, this caffeine free tea is adventurous and exciting, well worth a try. 

Organic Peppermint:
A beverage comprised of one ingredient, peppermint. These organically grown, Egyptian peppermint leaves are strong and fresh, perfect after a rich or heavy meal. This historical tea of choice across Europe and Middle East still stands the test of time, and is as popular as ever.

Green Tea,

Green Tea; Jade Tips:
Our Mao Jian is sourced from the cool mountains of Jujian, China. It is quite simply a fusion of refreshing and sweet flavours that comes across through a clean and smooth finish. 

Wellbeing Tea,

Detox Tea:
As the name of the tea suggests, this tea is wonderfully good for you. Whether you’re looking to cut down on sugar or caffeine or just wanting to try something new, this organic concoction of ingredients is a great choice. Comprised of herbs and spices renowned for their high mineral and vitamin content, this beverage is great for cleansing. 

Passion Tea:
The foundation of this tea is the African Rooibos, so it carries the essence of our Rooibos aforementioned. Yet it is permeated with orange root, strawberry, chilli, coconut and cardamon. Bursting with flavour and warming to the taste, this drink is dynamic, vibrant and suitable for any day of the year. 

White Teas,

Tropical Mandarin:
This floral and aromatic drink blends white Mao Feng tea leaves with an array of candied fruits and blossoms. This subtle drink is slightly caffeinated, making it perfect as an alternative for an afternoon drink. The blend of ingredients creates a drink that is more like a perfumed punch, with a fruity finish.